Why I do what I do:

Welcome to the High Photography website.

My name is Jo and I am the owner of High Photography. Like many photographers, I grew up behind a camera. 8 years ago I decided to take my skills from hobby to professional and have been steady on ever since. I love taking pictures, I love hearing stories, and I love the laughter that comes from working with people. I thrive on learning and creativity, something photography has always let me do. (My childhood friends will attest to that, as I was always 'the one with the camera.')

A little insight into the business:

One thing I get asked a lot is, "Why the name 'High Photography'?". There are two reasons. First, it is my maiden name and I started the business under that name, so administratively, it made sense to keep it after I married. However, there is another, bigger reason: my father. He is the artist in the family, the one I inherited all of my skills from, and the one who deserves a lot of credit for encouraging me to stick with art when others saw it as a childish past-time. He is also the one that had to foot the bill for rolls upon rolls of film being developed throughout my childhood. Suffice to say, I felt keeping the name was the greatest homage I could give him. It hopefully repays a bit of my 'film developing debt' as well, right dad?

And my philosophy:

This applies more to weddings than anything else, but it shows my dedication to my work in all avenues. One of the first things I tell brides in consultations is that all I care about on her wedding day is keeping things running smoothly and keeping them happy. A lot of things can and do go wrong but the advantage of having an experienced wedding photographer is that I can often anticipate problems and hopefully diffuse them. I'm the last person I want you worrying about that day. You're paying me to be there, do my work, and not ask a bunch of silly questions-after all, I wouldn't want anyone doing that to me on MY wedding day!